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2018  新年快乐  恭喜发财 ,身体安康

Buy & Sale News :


    NEW 3DS Flash Card ( StarGate ) will release soon ( 2017-12-05 )

    05/12 – First shipments to reviewers – Retail next week.

    We are happy to announce that the first Stargate units have been shipped today to selected reviewers.
    You should see the first reviews online end of this week, which we hope will show you more of the Stargate amazing features and its ease of use.

    Stargate 3DS is fully upgradable. It comes now with its first firmware which reviewers will cover. Our support team will release updates to improve our product. Customers’ support is a priority to us. Stargate will be fully supported and the most advanced 3DS flashcard for the years to come.

    The first DS menu system files are already available in our download section.

    Original firmware 1.0 is pre-installed on the cart itself.

    First retail copies are being sent to vendors next week. We are doing our best to ensure enough stocks for Christmas delivery. But remember most resellers work on a first come-first served basis, so we strongly advise to place your order now to guarantee a Christmas delivery as demand is very high!

    We will publish here some review links. We very much look forward to them and to your feedback. Do not hesitate to email us to request extra features, suggest improvements or anything else. Technical support and quality update service are very important to us. You can find our contact details here.




    Compatible with ALL 3DS firmwares, past, current and upcoming! 

    Support for DS roms

    Support for 3DS roms

    Support for GBA, NES, SNES, ... emulators

    Support for ntrboothax / magnethax

    DS mode GUI menu

    High performance ultra low power SoC

    Fully updatable

  • HDFury Family Product News:

      2018 最新产品

    Vertex 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz

    Celebrating 10 Years!


    From world’s acclaimed Digital to Analog converters and popular EDID solutions to HDR toolbox, HDCP converter and UHD scaler, the last 10 years have truly been amazing.

    We are feeling an incredible gratitude for our community of supporters and customers – you all filled our lifes with unbelievable energy and momentum to drive us forward.

    Today, we are proud to start a new decade by releasing a milestone in turning furio
    usly innovative ideas into reality. Discover our gift for our 10th Anniversary: Vertex, tailored for AV purists.


    Vertex Highlights
    Connect any Full HD equipment in any UHD Premium setup at their best capabilities, guaranteed!
    Always have your setup performance at sight and under control via embedded OLED, On-Screen-Display, InfraRed, Windows GUI and optionally Android or iOS APP with GoBlue.
    Support? all HDMI Audio formats, all HDMI Video resolutions, all HDCP revisions and all HDR formats in existence today.
    ?Scale, convert, replace, disable, inform, modify for workflow, calibration or pleasure. In various fields such as 4K, HLG, VSIF, HDR10+, DV, EDID, AVI, CST1, SMTPE, RS232

    State of the art HDMI central for FHD source or sink in UHD/HDR setup or the other way around. Comes with OLED/OSD, huge scaling power and toolkit for researcher, content creator or advanced user.

    Support any video and/or audio signal in existence today including DV, HLG, HDR10+, DTS:X, ATMOS and more…


    2017-10-10 AVRKey 现货供应


    Pass-thru any HDMI signal and extract Full HDMI Audio to feed any AVR. Plain and simple.
    AVR Key
    Support all video formats including DV/HLG/HDR10+
    Support all audio formats including Atmos, DTS:X

  • 2017-05-08  HDFury GoBlue


    Ultra Fast Control your HDfury device using Android/iOS APP or IR!

    Compatible with any HDfury Integral and HDfury Linker devices, our GoBlue OTG Bluetooth Dongle will provide you faster control and extended Bluetooth range to operate our current HDMI/HDCP2.x range of devices. While the HDfury Linker usually require to be operated via a Windows GUI connection for flashing new EDID bank, with GoBlue, all EDID banks are available directly on the Dongle and can be selected and flashed via the iOS/Android APP or IR in real time.

    Simply connect GoBlue between the USB power source and your HDfury device and take control with the Android/iOS APP!

    Add iOS/Android APP support via Bluetooth to HDfury Linker.
    Add IR code support for HDfury Linker
    Allow to flash EDID in real time on Linker
    Add Ultra Fast Bluetooth control to earlier Integral unit (For units with serial starting by 01)
    Control upcoming HDfury device.
    Extend Bluetooth range no matter the current signal bandwidth (limitation for Integral with onboard BT)
    Update with USB stick (FAT32) and Firmware file, compatible with any computer. (Win/Mac/Linux/others)

GoBlue with IR extender

GoBlue is available in Bluetooth version but optionally you can also have Infra Red control via our IR Extender cable.

Universal 5v Power Supply

We have created a state of the art USB power supply and charger, tailored for AV purists with extra low ripple/noise level.

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