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  • 2017-05-08  HDFury GoBlue


    Ultra Fast Control your HDfury device using Android/iOS APP or IR!

    Compatible with any HDfury Integral and HDfury Linker devices, our GoBlue OTG Bluetooth Dongle will provide you faster control and extended Bluetooth range to operate our current HDMI/HDCP2.x range of devices. While the HDfury Linker usually require to be operated via a Windows GUI connection for flashing new EDID bank, with GoBlue, all EDID banks are available directly on the Dongle and can be selected and flashed via the iOS/Android APP or IR in real time.

    Simply connect GoBlue between the USB power source and your HDfury device and take control with the Android/iOS APP!

    Add iOS/Android APP support via Bluetooth to HDfury Linker.
    Add IR code support for HDfury Linker
    Allow to flash EDID in real time on Linker
    Add Ultra Fast Bluetooth control to earlier Integral unit (For units with serial starting by 01)
    Control upcoming HDfury device.
    Extend Bluetooth range no matter the current signal bandwidth (limitation for Integral with onboard BT)
    Update with USB stick (FAT32) and Firmware file, compatible with any computer. (Win/Mac/Linux/others)

GoBlue with IR extender

GoBlue is available in Bluetooth version but optionally you can also have Infra Red control via our IR Extender cable.

Universal 5v Power Supply

We have created a state of the art USB power supply and charger, tailored for AV purists with extra low ripple/noise level.

  • 2017-01-28  新版 Nintendo 红白机,HDMI输出。到货 

  • 2017-01-20  月光宝盒4代 家用街机游戏机  街霸电视游戏机 拳皇 双人一体摇杆盒 到货

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