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    (AC) adapters are used to power or charge many common electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptop computers, or external hard drives. An AC adapter changes AC power from an electrical outlet into the type of power or voltage that an electronic device needs to work. Typically, each device has a designated adapter that is pre-set to the proper voltage conversion. For this reason, among others, adapters generally are not interchangeable.

    If a device does not have its own supply of power, it likely has to use an AC adapter in order to get power from the electricity mains of a building. An adapter is a type of power supply — a device that provides power to another device — and is used with cell phone chargers or the power cords for gaming systems, for instance. The large block that plugs into the wall is the power supply that converts AC power to the appropriate form for the device. Other names for this type of adapter include a plug pack or a wall wart.

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